About Us

A-Five Construction was founded by Aaron Hakala in 2012, but our roots go much deeper than that.

Aaron Hakala

Aaron Hakala

Aaron started in the construction industry as a young carpenter and quickly worked his way up into managing projects.  After several decades of honing his skills at other companies, the 2008 financial crisis would be the catalyst that led Aaron to create A-Five Construction.

The housing market crash hit many construction companies hard and Aaron was laid off while the company he worked for almost went under.  This uncertain future led to Aaron thinking of better ways to manage a construction business.  Eager to try his new ideas and confident that people would start building again, Aaron quickly set up his company and named it after the letter A which appears five times in his and other Hakala’s names’.

Through the past decade, A-Five Construction has gained a strong reputation for efficient and high quality residential and commercial work.

While the company has grown, we have worked hard to maintain a strong culture within our team and build our relationships outside of it.  The employees that make up A-Five and our partnerships with subcontractors and clients are the most important keys to our success.  In the future we hope to continue both adding to our team and strengthening our existing connections.

Our Team

Andrew Avizinis




John Darke

Project Manager



Drew Venetucci




Aaron Hakala

Owner and lead Estimator




A-Five Construction offers a full suite of contracting and advising services.

We can plan and perform all aspects of a project from start to finish including: budgeting, design, and project management.  If you have an idea for a construction project, please reach out to us and one of our experienced planners can help make your dream a reality.

Additionally, we also offer consulting services for individual parts of projects.  These services include:

  •   Creating Pro-Forma
  •   Feasibility studies
  •   Management
  •   Job Site Analysis
  •   Design Concepts

Company Values

There are three basic values that we follow: Integrity, Professionalism, and Efficiency.

These qualities help us not only to make sure that our work on the site is solid, but also that we are communicating with our clients and managing the project well.


means that we make sure a job gets done right; at the end of every project, we want both the client, and ourselves to be proud of what we’ve built.


is our strategy for maintaining and strengthening our relationships with subcontractors and clients.


represents our goal to make full use of all resources on a project, we never want to waste our time or the client’s time.

Community Outreach

At A-Five we believe in building strong communities as well as strong buildings.  Giving back to the people in our city and promoting improvements in the local construction industry are our ways of ensuring Oregon is a safe and fun place to live and do business for everyone.  In 2023 we are continuing to work with Rebuilding Together to help provide construction services for low income homeowners.